SPICER SINCE: September 2012

STARTING GOAL: To lose weight and tone my body

CURRENT GOAL: To increase my muscle mass


I’ve been training with Kim Williamson at Spice it up PT for 3 years. I have stayed with Kim because she is constantly adapting and ensuring that the training, which I am doing, is helping me to achieve my goals. I’m excited for each training session to see what program Kim has designed – with a great variety and fun enjoyment of the different routines and exercises.

When I first started training with Kim, I had used hotel gyms, but always felt somewhat overwhelmed by a gym environment – not knowing what to do and how to do it. During my program, Kim demonstrates each new exercise to me before my attempts – ensuring that I have correct and injury free form. With the large variety of exercises that I’ve been doing, I’ve found the confidence on how to structure and work within a gym environment.

Initially I started with Kim hoping to lose weight and tone up my body. I had a stressful job, and exercising had become a second priority. I was running occasionally, but had paid little attention to my diet or functional fitness. Over the course of three months, I achieved my initial goal – and with the newfound confidence, was able to set new goals by building functional muscle strength. I review my goals with Kim every three months – keeping me focused on achieving results, but also taking into consideration appropriate goals for my lifestyle.

I currently train 3 times per week with Kim with my current goal of increasing my muscle mass. The training is hard and challenging, but worthwhile with good results being seen.