SPICER SINCE: September 2012

STARTING GOAL: To reduce body fat and improve my health

CURRENT GOAL: Continue to increase strength, and to be happy and healthy

Kim is a passionate, caring personal trainer who can offer great advice on nutrition and how to understand your body.

I was unhappy and unfit, and struggling with exercise, then I met Kim and for the first time someone really studied and made an effort to understand my strengths and my weaknesses, and how my body responded to exercise.

Kim pushes you when you need to be pushed, and more than anything; she cares about her clients and makes great effort to support them in every way.

I would recommend Kim to anyone who wished to make a positive change in themselves, as her training improved my physical health, which improved my mental health as well. I am extremely grateful to have met Kim when I did, and to have become a “Spicer”.