SPICER SINCE: September 2012

STARTING GOAL: To find a trainer who understood my goals and personality

CURRENT GOAL: To lose 5-7 kilos


I am a 51 year old female – who loves the finer things in life (food, wine, etc.) and who probably, if I were to be brutally honest, needs to lose around 5 kilos – maybe 7.  I was originally referred to Kim when my original trainer left me – literally. (in all fairness she moved interstate).  I had a few proviso’s around choosing a trainer – the most important being that I needed to train outside so that my dog could come training with me, the other was they needed to like dogs.  Also they needed to be down to earth, natural and have some semblance of a sense of humour – definitely no muscle bound fist pumping BS speaking young bucks for me…. Nothing personal…

Kim fitted the bill perfectly and has stuck by me now for about 3 years…. We got some great results when I was in the right headspace, then I went off the rails slightly.  The main question should be, not why I’ve stuck with Kim, but why she’s stuck with me! She tolerates my demotivation and doesn’t lecture me – she knows that I know what I need to do and she knows that I’ll eventually get there in my own good time.  She is a fountain of knowledge, especially around food and nutrition, but also in general knowledge terms – you can have an interesting conversation whilst exercising.  I love that!

Kim has somehow got me to box, squat, lunge and lift weights – things I never imagined I’d do…

We have achieved some surprising results together and I know that when I fix my headspace and carry on – we will do it again.  In the meantime I will continue to turn up, do the work and truly recommend Kim to anyone contemplating taking on a personal trainer… You’ll get more than what you bargained for…. In a good way!