STARTING GOAL: To be fit, healthy and within my 'normal' weight range.

CURRENT GOAL: To walk 600km across Spain on the Camino de Santiago in 2017


The best birthday present ever. That’s what Spice it up PT is. I wasn’t sure before I started. I actually thought I would die. But I didn’t, and after my 3 ‘gift’ sessions were up, there was no question in my mind. This had to continue.  You see, I don’t want to look like a body builder. I don’t want huge muscles. I am not a gym junkie and I never will be. But I do want to be fit and healthy, and in my ‘normal’ weight range. And, I do want to walk 600km across Spain, on the Camino de Santiago in 2017.

What I have found with Kim at Spice it up PT is a program that suits me perfectly. Kim has listened to what I’ve said, and tailored everything to build a plan in which I can succeed (at my pace, not someone else’s ideal pace). We started with my diet. Kim suggested simple changes – not a prescriptive diet, but nutritional principles to follow. With that, I’ve lost weight over 5 months, and feel much much better about myself.   

Then on to the fitness and strength. I love the training sessions at Kim’s gym. Just me. No looks or judgments from other gym junkies. Just me, working at my pace, with Kim pushing me on enough to drive improvement. Kim has given me ‘homework’ – exercise I can easily do at home, because she understands that, if I am told to join a gym and go there to use their equipment, it simply will not happen.  

I see the positive changes in my overall health. Less migraines, stronger core strength resulting in almost minimal back pain issues, and more energy with which to bounce through life. Spice it up PT is the best investment I have made in ‘me’ in quite some time. The best birthday present ever.