Ten Healthy & Tasty 3pm Snacks Ten Healthy & Tasty 3pm Snacks
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Ten Healthy & Tasty 3pm Snacks

Do you ever hit a 3pm slump and crave a sweet treat from the cookie jar? If you plan your snacks ahead of time, you can avoid empty calories and avoid unnecessary sugar highs. These delicious and healthy snacks are packed with vital macro & micro nutrients that will keep you fuller for longer. Ensuring you keep a healthy and balanced diet is integral to your health and fitness!


1. Cottage Cheese & Strawberries

A personal favourite of mine, grab a punnet of strawberries that are in-season and mix them with 1/2 a punnet of cottage cheese. The protein in the cottage cheese will keep you sustained while the strawberries will satisfy that sweet spot.


2. An Apple & Almond butter

Chop up 1 Apple and place them in a tupperwear container with 1-2 tablespoons of almond butter – delicious! You’ll get plenty of good fats and vitamins from your Apple. Try source your veggies and fruit from your local grocer if possible.


3. Boiled Eggs

Eggs are packed with healthy fats and are a brilliant source of protein! Boil your eggs on a Sunday and they should last 3-4 days in the fridge!


4. Handful of nuts (almonds, brazil nuts, cashews)

Nuts are another great energy source in moderation. Grab a handful and nibble on these to keep your hunger cravings at bay.


5. Bananas

An easy grab & go – bananas are cheap and full of great macro and micro nutrients like fibre and potassium. A perfect natural snack.


6. Protein Muffins.

Protein muffins, commonly known as savoury muffins are an easy and simple way to pack more vegetables and protein into your diet.


7. Kumara chips

Yep, good old fashion chips. But these ones are a healthy alternative. Cut your kumara up into little wedges, season with olive oil/salt and pepper and throw in the oven. A great alternative to deep fried crisps with much more nutritional value!


8.  Greek or Natural Yoghurt

These little bottles of yoghurt are not only delicious but great for your gut. Just check the labels to ensure they are nice and low in sugar (it’s easy to be fooled!)

Food beauty tuna salad on cracker, as seen on Food Network’s The Kitchen, Season 4.

9. Tuna & Crackers

If you can stomach plain tuna and crackers, this is a perfect snack for you! If the thought of plain tuna makes your skin crawl, try mix it up with a little mayo – this can help take the fishy edge off.


10. Hummus and carrots/celery sticks

A great little portable snack. Most supermarkets will sell mini hummus pots that you take with you each day making it super easy to pack-and-go. The carrots and celery have a high water content to keep you fuller for longer whereas the protein and fibre from the chickpeas will keep you satiated.