How Often Should I Replace My Training Shoes? How Often Should I Replace My Training Shoes?

How Often Should I Replace My Training Shoes?

Training in old worn out shoes is a common cause of knee, ankle, shin and hip injuries.

If you experience muscle fatigue, joint pain or shin splits you may be wearing shoes that are no longer adequate for the type of training that you are doing.

How often you should replace your shoes depends on how often you use them.

It’s a good idea to have a couple of pairs of training shoes on the go at the same time. I tend to have a pair of; trail running shoes, running shoes which provide good cushioning, a stiffer soled shoe for lifting weights in the gym and a thin soled shoe for boxing which enables me to feel the ground and get up on my toes easily.

By rotating your shoes it will make it easier to notice when your ole ones are ready to be replaced.

If your shoes fall into these categories then it’s time to change them
• The outer sole has worn through to the mid sole.
• The heel support has become too malleable and no longer supports your foot.
• There are rips or tears on the top of your shoe and your toes are poking out.
• The wear pattern on the soles is significantly different for each foot.
• One or both shoes no longer stand up straight when placed on a flat surface.
Ask your trainer for advice if you are not sure!!